Loose The Dip

Oh how my head pounded as the sun shined though the bedroom window, I could barely move and sweat beaded off my head on to the pillow. God my mouth was dry I would have killed for a glass of water but I could not move.

Gut hurting, head pounding and kidneys on fire. It felt like it was 200 degrees in the room but the air conditioner was working steady. Finally three hours after I first opened my eyes I could get up long enough to make it to the couch when I collapsed again in sear agony of the night before.

How much did I drink as my mind had small blurry flash backs of beers with shots. Chewing Copenhagen and second-hand smoke. Must have spent at least 18 hours standing at the bar. Rolling dice for drinks and telling tall tales like they never been told before. With world problems solved how could one care if we consumed another round.

Billfold looks empty so it explains the pain, damn if I could get off this couch and turn on the TV so I could watch John Wayne. But here I laid in misery and pain, Merle Haggard running through my brain. If only I had some aspirin to help ease the pain.

I knew this time something had to change so it was the chew I decided to let go. Oh Mr. Copenhagen I will miss you so. Still to this day when I fresh can is open I remember the pain you left in my brain. So I will leave you to rot out someone else’s teeth and gums.

I still drink the wine and brew. If needed I will do a shot or two, but hopefully not at the same time. But I am certain and for sure that Copenhagen I am through with you.

Picture came from the tobacco ads in Rolling Stone Magazine. And this is not a message to tell you to stop. It’s just why I stopped.

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