It may be my fault you were arrested

First I would like to say Sorry. Now I will say run dummy run. Don’t know what you were into but you sure lit out like a moron.

So there I was living in Dayton, Nevada going out to the Corner Bar just up the street from my house. A friend of mine picked me up in his flatbed truck with a bungee cord holding the hood shut also I swear only one brake worked on the truck. But this is Dayton so brakes not really a major concern as long as you have a stick shift.

My other friend signed up for a ride along with one of our local sheriff boys. So to fit the part he when and bought a tan button up shirt tan slack and wore his weight lifting gloves. It also helped him fit the part because he was build like an ox.

There I am in my natural position bellied up to the bar. Drinking beer after beer and telling story after story laughing and having a good time when we seen the patrol car go past the bar. Even then we laughed about our friend all dressed up. Just then I heard his voice behind me telling me to show my hands and get on my knees. Of course I think this is great and follow the instructions. But at the same time the rest of the bar takes off out the back door.

The real police officer follows more just wondering why they are fleeing. I get up and my friend says to me “Opps” like maybe he should not have done that then proceeds to leave out the side door also. My other friend who I was at the bar with says to me “this is probably a good time to get the hell out of here”.

We walk out the front door hop into the truck as police cars are starting to arrive. Pulling out to the main street we could see they had the group of people standing around one officer had his pepper spray out and one of the runners did not seem like that intimidated him at all.

We ended up at the casino and never thought about it again.




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