All This For An Oyster

Don’t forget to bring the oyster knife (all of them). 2016 is coming to an end soon and I am not done. Family vacation starts now. Universal studio’s and Disney World for most but for me it’s the oyster I crave the most. Never really get them from here and living in Michigan now doesn’t help my oyster cravings. Yes, that is right even gave myself an extra day to eat oysters from a different bay. Apalachicola I plan to visit and fill my belly, bring a cooler so I can eat more the next day. If given the chance I could make a Hangtown Fry for breakfast.

hangtown So we are heading out going south seeking sun and fun, adventure and change. Covering all new grounds.

But for me it’s the oyster, and well I do have an interest in Miami. Actually all of the travel will be good, as I like to explore and seek new things. Visiting with friends and family will be great but really just want oysters on my plate.

Possible that it’s an addiction that can’t be solved living midwest is hard to get the saltwater food. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the fresh fish but was born next to saltwater and it’s a craving I can’t forget.

Hangtown fry pic I found on google search but it looks just about like the ones I make. Of course they are not made very often but always enjoyed when made.


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