Idiots Of The One Arm Bandit

Works ending and its taco Tuesday so we head over to the Iron Horse Saloon consume a few taco’s and wash them down with a few cold ones. At least I do my partners in crime do drink or don’t drink much. We decide that we should gamble so to the Casino we go.

This is the time just moving to Nevada and was given money from the company to help move. I did not own anything that could not fit in my car so I only paid for gas. (Still back when gas was cheap) needless to say I had a small wad of money that I did not mind burning through.

At the casino we decide to each put a 20 in the slot machine and give it a spill. We made it a point to play max bet and had to use the arm in order to be successful. The theory was  not proving so good right off the bat the first 60 went fast about as fast as we could pull between spin. I only paused the game to make sure I had a refreshed drink from the bar.

Cant quit now we have invested in this machine so it has to let some money loose. So another 20 apiece we put in same principles we use and yet again nothing. Of course I make sure I have another free drink from the bar and again we slide in another 20 apiece and will be damn if we didn’t loose it again.

Laughing hysterically at this point we have attracted some attention from people in the casino. One lady turned around and asked how much were we winning. Of course we replied in full out laughter that we have not won nothing. We were loosing.

Soon we switched machines and sure enough we finally hit, not sure of the exact amount but it was big enough to make a profit for each of us. Feeling cocky at this point we decided to play another machine but at this point someone wanted to join us. Of course we let him more money more spins right well I think we each lost about 100 apiece and decided that was enough for the night.

Deciding to eat in the steak house before leaving we dinned the best we could still laughing  like the idiots that we had been all day. Except the fourth person was not laughing so much. Guess with him joining late he was down a couple hundred by now and we were still showing profits.

If there is any moral to this story I guess it would be don’t gamble with idiots who really are not looking to win.

Picture taken from Ebay.


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