Family Road Trip / Feeling Picture Less

So we did it the whole family road trip thing and I must say it was great. Kids had a blast, wife visited friends and family, and I got to eat oysters (All This For An Oyster – Progressing into Solitude). But I must say with traveling I must have passed up 200 different photo’s that I would have died to take.

Three day’s I shucked and ate oysters

Only once on this whole trip did I turn around and take a photo (featured photo). Trying to keep some what on schedule and more importantly not keep the kids in the car any longer than necessary. With that being said my kids did great.

I almost feel like road tripping down south again and getting all the pic’s that I missed out on. Not going to happen soon but my mind is planning. Funny thing about some of the pictures that I did not get is that they were all inspired by my blogging friends and the challenges that I take part in. Thursday Doors I passed a thousand good ones up. Cee’s photo challenges also passed a few on. But in both cases I did get a few pics snapped out.

Blogging itself was almost impossible, I did manage to get two done while traveling. Good thing I pre wrote one for almost everyday that I was gone. I did check the challenges everyday and thought about stuff. Even though about upgrading my phone so I could blog on the run. But not sure if I really am ready for that just yet (I like not having a phone).img_4400

I really don’t know if I would change anything about skipping the pictures. Even some days I did not even take a camera with me and all I could see was great pictures. I was lucky that my wife had her phone and snapped a few while I chased the kids around.

One promising thing is I noticed my kids are developing an interest in photography and maybe in the future I will have to stop all the time to take pics with the family. Don’t tell my mom though. I never stop for her pictures.


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