One Year WordPress

Well today is my year since I first posted (or blogged for that matter) on WordPress. Broken ankle started it all and for six months became my thing to do as I laid around the house. In the same time it forced me to once again take interest in photography.

Originally I was only posting in private to just entertain my brain but then I could not feel right for not sharing so I went public with the post. Really made me feel like part of the game. Also I stopped holding back being scared I could offend someone and just say what I feel. Yet I do try to refrain from swearing on my blog. Of course in real life I let the cuss words fly and feel confident about my ability to mix and match them.

I have been inspired my many post and challenges on WordPress. The creativity that is posted by others has opened closed doors in my head and inspired me to look at things in new lights or different angles.

As my leg gets closer and closer to being normal again I have been taking on more task around the house and working extra hour at work. Not forgetting about blogging but starting to realize that a post everyday may be out of reality for me. Yet I decided yesterday to focus on my page for a few days and have been enjoying some good wine doing it.

For sure I have a goal to keep on doing this as I have found it to be a stress outlet for my brain. No longer trying to hold things in my brain but more acting on them and sharing them. Then trying to create new thoughts, ideas, and perspectives. Reading and watching my fellow bloggers also gives me hope that good people come in all shapes and forms.

Well that maybe all I have for a one year update but if it seems like I have disappeared just rest assure that I am not even close to being done yet.


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