The Book Of Options

If you don’t have it you need to get a copy. Could possible be the last book you will ever need to buy. Basically it is the book of options that could run you through any situation and gives you the options you can do that makes your decisions

some examples would be getting pulled over by the cops Option A you can wait till the cop gets to your window and jam on the gas and get going. Conscience of doing this could mean beat down peppers pay shot and possible prison sex. Unless of course you add option 1 to option and that would be leave the road drive as fast and far as you can then set out on foot till you can find new ride conscience of this would be same as above but beat down and stun guns never hurt as bad when you are out of breath with cactus in your feet because you decided to leave the house to pick up milk for kids.

another option if your in the club and the guy is hitting on you. This guy is chiseled like a Roman gladiator not like the fat bald broke bastard that is waiting for you at home. Option A is have sex with the gladiator at the first convenient place you can restroom car hotel whatever then on the ride home take the roofie that you keep just in case this would ever happen about half way home. This way you make it home and in the house just before you pass out. Adding option 1 to option A would be you stink like Mr. Gladiator so before taking the roofie you stop at the gas station and fill your tank making sure it gets on your hands then rub it all over will get gladiator man smell gone. Down side of this is once you passout the bastard at home might take advantage of you and try all the things you said no too. Upside is you roofied yourself so really last memory is gladiator.

Angry co worker always a tough one especially if you are hung over. Option A would be to look totally worthless whenever they look at you but smile like you want to be like that. This will run their blood pressure right up. But add Option 1 to this and when they are not looking do all the work you can and make sure you are ahead and everyone else knows this. Try not to sweat though hard to look worthless if your sweating. Now look really worthless when they see you even sit down this will send your hater to the supervisor to complain who will inform him that you finished your work for the day. If you are sweating though blame it on the hangover.

Short on cash need money Option A would be selling keys to 7-11 to high school kids so when the store closes they can open up the store and get the beer out of the cooler. add option 1 to this would be add a ziplock full of oregano to the deal for more money. If the kid is dumb enough to not realize 7-11 are open 24 hours he’ll be too dumb to check the bag. Will say should only do this once per each 7-11 just to be safe. After once you will have a better chance selling rock salt to a crack head.

Like I said this book could save your life. I only gave a few examples above but if they seem like situations that you could be in then send me your bank account information and I will be sure to send you copy. Will even sign it for ya.


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