My Love of Wine

Not sure how to explain it but my love for wine should not exist. I am a beer drinker and worst yet a cheap beer drinker. But when it comes to wine I like the good stuff. I notice more and more that I enjoy a good bottle of wine on the coldest of days.

I figure that it must be wine can be consumed at room temp and at 4 degrees outside cold beer just seem wrong. Whisky and Bourbon and Scotch are all good to but I for the most part like a little ice in my drinks so on these cold days it don’t thrill me.

Even on the not so cold days I am finding that I enjoy  the spring and summer wines (in my opinion the white and pink wines) and look forward to stocking up thinking about pairing things together with food and even go as far to think about what friends would enjoy this. Stashing that bottle away for later dates.

Of course no matter what it’s always the deep dark reds that get my mouth watering combined with meats and cheese I am in heaven. Life is always good for me with a dark red  wine. White wine I enjoy on the warmer days with usually seafood dishes or pasta. Pink wines I enjoy cold on the hottest of days usually with pasta dishes or salads. The reds well that is Beef, Pork, Lamb and sausage kind of wine used a lot with the grill. Reds also are my favorite with the cold cuts and cheese (charcuterie platter if we have to get fancy).

No matter what I enjoy some wine and now days it seems to accompany me while I write on my page.


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