Pillage Deflated | The Daily Post

It’s in my blood to pillage, at least a fair portion of my blood runs Norwegian, and I must assume that everyone agrees that Norwegian equals Viking, and Viking equals Pillaging. So with that being said I often find myself thinking of things to pillage.

But in this day and age technology has made the art of pillaging tougher and tougher. cameras and cell phone everywhere make your chances of getting caught almost a sure thing and even if you don’t get caught you could end up on the news only to be snitched  out by some schmuck.

Internet purchasing has made stores carry less volume of things so even on a good pillage you might not be able to actually find the things that you set out to get. This is usually when you see the person running out with diapers, kleenex or some other item that makes you look really stupid when you watch yourself on the new’s later. Hopefully not from a jail cell or you’ll be the laughing stock for sure.

Don’t worry though if you are a pillager by trade there is one thing that seems to work for me and doen’t really reqire a lot of effort but satifies the pillaging craving. Fill a cooler with beer and ice set it over in the neighbors yard and sneek over everytime you need one. You will feel like such a bad ass if you empty it. Must say don’t carry battle axe to neighbors yard, more than likely they will call the police.

via Pillage | The Daily Post


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