Muscling Through A Broken Cork

img_1940-2Ok I buy a lot of wine, usually I just order it and have it delivered. But today I was in Costco (yes, a place that I should not be able to shop alone at) to pick up some coffee and Pampers when I noticed that the Seafood Road Show was in progress. Right away I started to crave the two foot long crab legs, scallops, lobster tails and so on.

Just keep walking your already off with the extra light bulbs, sirloin roast and red pepper cheese. None of which was listed as being needed. Ok coffee bought and Pampers secured now let’s get out. Wait I said I would get a gallon of milk and was told to check egg prices. Milk in cart and cage free eggs seem expensive, since I know I have about four dozen at home already. Ok done!

Not quite yet as I’m heading to pay all control leaves me, two pounds of shrimp I request and well mussels are the cheapest thing here so I add a bag of them to the order. Great not bad let’s go. Nope not just yet I am running low on white and surly I will be steaming these in white wine. Must get a bottle as I zoom by the good expensive stuff thinking just get a cheap one for cooking (usually I cook with the same wine I will be drinking). And there it sat Kirkland Signature Chardonnay perfect I think as I add it to the cart as I head out of course tossing in more random items on the way.

At home I toss the mussles in the snow for later use and lay myself down for a nap after a stress full hour of shopping. Once up again I dig the mussles out of the snow and set them into the sink for cleaning. Grabbing the wine I head down stairs to open it (only because the wine opener seems to sit right next to the blogging station).

Possibly in a rush I broke the cork, but I don’t think that is the case considering the amount of wine I open. Matter of fact I do not remember the last time I broke a cork. I myself believe it explains the price of the wine. But that is all beside the point. In some strange voodoo way I am thinking this is not going to go right.

Back upstairs I slice some garlic and add 3/4 cup of wine to the pot. I put the lid on to help heat it up then started preparing the mussles. That’s when I noticed the flame shooting out of the pot because of the alcohol in the wine.  Wine must be ok so I pour myself a glass and add the mussles to the pot.

Six or seven minutes later we are standing over the pot picking out the mussles as fast as we can consume them. Broken cork aside Costco wine tasted just fine. I might even have to keep a few bottles around. For cooking of course.

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