Long Gone 2016

Oh as the holiday butter balls head to the gym to start the new life revelations that could have been decided over multiple drinks at posh party’s, will clog up the treadmills till approximately Feb 1 then the gym becomes my friend again that lonesome place late at night that helps my blood flow and muscles grow.

The real work out for me will be my time on blogging on WordPress. No longer will I have months of time to myself to unload my head and take random pictures around the house. 2017 will be more planned events that keep my blog chugging along. Last year I wrote enough for two post a day where this year it will be a challenge to keep one post a day going.

Last year also received over 30,106 view. Something that I find most amazing that people even took time to look at my post. Hopefully in some way it brought humor to their life. This year I will be happy if I get half those numbers. Less post fewer people I’m thinking, but will try to get a little more effort into my post. Need to keep the camera shutters clicking for sure.

Still I am not worried about how many people really look at my site but enjoy that I reached the 500 mark with people following my site. And I will continue to invite people to follow. Originally I started this with no plans what so ever of sharing a post. It was my dump station for my head. Not sharing just felt wrong, figured that other were sharing their thoughts and experience why should I hold back. I am just a human (for the most part).

So this leaves me to my top three blogs. Figure I should say something about them, mostly out of amazement that they end up being the top 3.Picture 334

  1. Life at the Boeing Field Apartments rocking in at 400 views this post takes it all. I think only because people looking for a place to live check it out. Who cares though it’s #1. Sadly enough I left a lot of stories out because this was an early post that I was never planning on sharing. Think maybe I was practicing with words and pictures. Was not aware at this time that I could make the pictures smaller so they load easier. forgive me if you check it out.IMG_9563
  2. Life Imitates Art | The Daily Post coming in at 153 views and for the longest was my number one post. I myself figured it had to be because my wife has the ability to act and play in day-to-day life. Also she doesn’t mind that I take pictures. Of course if she knew I posted it then she may just mop the floor with me but who’s going to tell. Right?IMG_0567
  3. Prevention of Future Problems | The Daily Post at 119 views I believe that my twins have stoled the show. Even today these guy’s like to brush their often during the day then celebrate by tossing their toothbrush and floss down the laundry shoot. No matter how they get it done I support their good habits.

Ok so that is a wrap for my year. So if you are one of the ones heading off to the treadmill, just remember that a slow start will help you maintain a long work out for months to come. Also let your body show you the affect over time verses using a scale to try and monitor your losses. Remember that as you workout your muscle grow and increase weight so scale doesn’t always show what you would like to see. I enjoy over time when shirts and pants fit like they should and even become to big. Also home cook meals work. On my strictest time I only eat salad at work saves me on temptation eating.

It’s your health though, you can do with it as you want. I like you all for your words and pictures and of course feedback. Enjoy 2017 to the max. However you choose.

written a few days before I seen this challenge but still fits in so I added it to the challenge. Retrospective

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