A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part II) | The Daily Post

New Year goals and resolution have never been a part of my life for I am that day to day whatever happens kind of soul. Now that being said I think for 2017 and blogging people can expect a little less for me. Not in a bad way but I notice myself that projects and time are dueling it out with each other.

By no means do I believe I am done or throwing in the towel on this site. It simply means that I may not be as active. I do plan however to post more thoughts with pictures (tell people what the picture means to me), keep coming up with some sort of crazy adventure that may or may not be true. I would like to put more effort into enjoying other post and following new blogger. After all it’s all of you that make me want to keep blogging and improve the quality of content.

Photo Challenges are not going away I use that as inspiration to take more photo’s. The camera itself is even inspiring some of my next road trips and adventure.  Also I plan on reblogging, reposting and sharing a bit more trying to expand into new grounds and see the outcome. A few of my post I felt could have done better so I may return and try to revive them.

One thing that I want to keep the same is the page that anyone is welcome to visit and enjoy. Just a place that I hope in someway brightens the day for other. Keeps people thinking about having fun and positive things even in the events of chaos. In my humble opinion only you can make the greatness around you whether it is simple or complex, is your choice.

My main intrest is the pictures and keeping Progessing into Solitude up and running for a long time. Two main things that are going to help me is a new lens just have some things that I thing I could have done better. And maybe a upgrade to my blogging station have not been as motivated lately to blog at my desk. Might have to upgrade a few things to become more mobile or just get my photo’s on the cloud so I have more access to them.

via A Glimpse into 2017: You and Your Site in the New Year (Part II) | The Daily Post


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