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Champagne bottles. Flutes, martini glasses and mikes hard lemonade scattered across the desk. Blackberry brandy on the work bench. This is the beginning  of the new year. Small projects with scrap wood seem the only thing that makes me feel like it’s not all a waste. img_1953-2

Now project maybe the theme of 2017, wife working on interior and I am building a bar/ blogging station/ ultimate game room. Plus still plan on traveling.

Actually nothing was a waste just seemed like I needed some drama in the start of this year. I read on Facebook (shame on me, but sometimes I slip) how some people said last year was horrible. Yet in the pictures they posted it seemed all vacation and fun. My advice would be to give all those trips to someone you would appreciate them and figure out what will make your life great. Just saying. Life is only what you make of it.

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