Daily Prompt:Long Gone

Rapidly I began shoveling my prize mementos into a bag. I had enough figured I breathed all the stench this place give me and it was time for change. As I threw in the last things that someday might remind me of the nights I had forgotten is when my roommate asked “what’s up?”. I Replied “I’m gone” as I tossed the bag over my shoulder and slung a finger through the eye of the almost empty gallon of burgundy. Tilting the bottle to the shy I finish of the last of the somewhat stale wine and walk out the door.

Once I hit the street I realized I had no plan, but it was too late for I could not return. They would never let me back in that was their wine and I drank the last of it. The ultimate insult. I headed to the tracks hoping I could catch a slow freighter and really just be gone.

via Daily Prompt: Gone


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