Searching For Shine | Daily Prompt

Another hot day walking across this scorching desert. The papers back home said it was true, a sure thing. I imagined that as soon as I set foot in this dry country that it would be covered in gold dust, just fill a bag and head home to live with the finer things of life.

I’ve been walking for three days now since the bandits took my burro and gear. It seems to be truly hell in the waterless world where the sun never seems to stop shinning. But there’s some mounds over there with a strange color showing. If I make it that far I will dig with my hands and hopefully strike a vein that will pay more than dirt.

If this is true I will stake my claim walk into town and lay my gold down. Buy all kinds of things and even hire a crew to take back and dig down deep. The riches I reap can hire protection and make a bounty for the bandits that took my mule.

via Shine | The Daily Post

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