Not Lost To History

4121u8b5pl-_sx373_bo1204203200_I am fortunate that my family’s history is still a phone call away (or facetime). My grandparents are still alive in their mid 90’s and love to tell stories of years gone by. My grandma’s mom (yes, my great grandma) wrote a book about her life coming from Norway and Homesteading in Montana, plus she lived with my family while I was growing up so I remember all the stories that she told and I can still speak a little Norwegian language because of her teaching me.

Recently I have been encouraging my grandma to write down a few of her stories so I can pass them along to my family and hopefully they will pass them on to theirs.

Someday I may need to sit my wife down and tell about her family because every so often she will tell me a story that just blows my mind. But maybe she is not ready to do that. I myself will possibly leave this blog for future generations to read. Hopefully someone will be around to tell them I was a bit crazy, and not everything I write happened.

Now here is a couple of stories from my Grandma’s writings. One being when she was growing up in Montana and another one that occurred during WWII. Both stories I heard my whole life and have enjoyed. I particularly enjoy the War stories because of the fact I can not relate to traveling on a train as in today’s world we fly. Always make me wonder what it must feel like hoping for a letter from someone far away when you can’t just call them.scan_20160223-12scan_20160223-13


Hope that you enjoyed for these are things that I was not planning on sharing on this site yet the challenge was about transcripts and nothing that I have is more interesting than these stories. I am also bless that my family has made a cookbook of all the family recipes that often I refer to when I am looking to cook something.


via Discover Challenge: Transcript


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