Marathon of Movement

Today was a blogging failure. Well, not quite as I am typing now at the end of the day. As I sat down today I had all kinds of idea’s about writing and working on pictures checking challenges and so on.

Then I figured that I better at least change the front brakes on the BMW before I sit down and write. I guess at this stage in my life I am in repair mode as I have decided not to use auto mechanics anymore. Not sure why I ever stopped doing my own repairs other than it did not seem like I had time.

We getting the first tire off I noticed that I did not have all the tools that I needed so I remounted and went shopping. Then I went shopping again and again. Originally I had every intention of making a list but figure I would not forget as I did over and over.

Once started brakes went quick, but the night was pretty much over and of course I had to leave again but this time I wanted to take picture for the weekly photo challenge.

Happy Martin Luther King day.

via Daily Prompt: Marathon


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