Work it again

Working violently the kind that leaves your arms burning and finger tips numb. The work that requires energy in whatever form to keep you going forward. The work that no matter what you consume you still lose weight

Ever since I returned from Florida there has been a push at work to get product out before the end of the year. So instead of three days a week it’s been almost every day. Work and sleep seems to be the only thing that matter right now the most I hear from the kids is hi and bye. But as usual it helps cold months bring higher heat and power bills, tis the season also, so shopping is a must. But it don’t bring back the fun of only working three days a week.

Fact of the matter is I am not 20 no more and feel this work kick my but with a little pride I can continue and keep going as I watch the younger ones complain about working to hard. Makes me wonder was  I so week at that age or has this technology made us lazy, social media seems to remind us that there is always someone having more fun that us. Of course I teach my kids to make money with their brains and not their backs for hard labor is no longer as pay full as it used to be. But around the house we all work with our backs. Do it yourself or don’t do it as far as fixing the house goes.

Think of it this way if I have to pay a plumber to fix the faucet lets say it cost 500 dollars depending on what they say is wrong and what you need to fix it, well I can destroy and sink trying to fix it and purchase and install a new one for the same amount. Plus learn something in the process.


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