Rolling Fog And Picture Less

Friend calls and ask if I would like to go to the store with him. Of course I want out the house so I bail out quick. Once arriving I instantly notice that there is an old barn behind his house that needs to be photographed and that is when I realize I am camera less.  A small oversight on my part.

Of course I have my phone but it’s an iPhone 4 and pic’s will not give this barn justice so I add it to the memory bank for later times. Then we go to the store and as  we turn into the parking lot I notice some fog in the distance and I also notice a old feed store that is picture worthy. Again adding it to memory for later pictures.

Once leaving the store with all kinds of cheap goodies I notice that the fog is now covering the feed store and the sun is in a setting mode so it’s picture perfect. Tempted to use the phone but resisting because I know it will not capture what I think I am seeing. Driving back to friends house I notice that every barn I see is covered in fog and with the trees not having leaves everything is in kind of creepy picture setting. Inside I am dying for my camera.

Once returning home the fog has really sunk in hard to see anything yet it’s too late, I have to many things to do before going to bed. Work in the morning so have to stay focused.

In the morning the fog is still there and since it’s a Sunday morning there is no traffic it’s just me the fog and street lights. I could not resist as I take my phone out and snap a few pictures while driving slow in a couple of lanes at once. Not the best of practice but I really was alone on the road. Even just stopped in the middle of the on ramp to take a pic, wishing it was just with my big camera.

Of course nothing turned out great but one did kind of capture the moment.


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