Chicken Is Fresh

Let is just be know that I am a fan of Church’s Chicken, even have the basketball to prove it. Anytime I see Church’s on an exit sign it’s a must to stop and purchase a box of bird with biscuts and jalapeno’s and jalapeno poppers. Fried and greasy can’t go wrong.

Now with the above being said Grand Rapids is in lack of a Church’s Chicken but has a few places that equal taste with the fried bird. Cousins Chicken I would say is the best in Grand Rapids and Chicken Coop comes next. Problem with chicken coop is its reputation with trouble happening, even the city makes it close early now because of violence. Still the bird is good.

Ok on with the story. I was working nights so sometimes it is tough to get lunch made and deal with sleep. I figured today that I would by a box of cousins chicken and bring it to work to share with the team. As I pulled up cousins was closed because of Sunday so I had to go to plan B. Purchase anything I can and the hell with the team. As I pulled into the gas station across the street a wayward chicken was preparing to roost in the parking lot.

First thing that crossed my mind was ” Damn Cousins has some fresh chicken for sure”. Then I snapped a quick picture for my WordPress peeps and walked in only to be asked “is that Your chicken?” I replied “I wish it was” only because I was thinking deep fried!img_3052


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