Boring Old Resist

Temptation, oh yeah! Love that stuff. The things that challenge you and make you strong of the things that make life crumble around y0u. Resist nothing if you think it’s going to make life better and more exciting.

Of course with that being said I seem to resist everything. But its out of respect that resisting things becomes honorable. A small example would be that I love to gamble, yet I resist to gamble for I do not feel my family will live a better life. Plus the sick part of me gambling is I think I enjoy loosing money. So my family really would not benefit from me gambling.

That of course is one example of resist and more follow but still I have fun everyday doing the dumb things that I do to entertain my life and resisting a few things just makes that circle of trust stronger so actually freedom is increased. Being open and honest kind of helps too.

via Daily Prompt: Resist


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