Ok I could not help myself. I bought a zoom lens 75-300. Found it cheap on amazon so figured might as well. Now maybe I can get those Cardinals when they sit in the yard. Hopefully it’s good enough to fill my desires so I can hold off buying anything else this year (for the camera).

Day one, so far so good as I left the house to find abandonment and devastation being the two challenges for today. Better Times Left Behind actually turned out that I would have been better off just using my old lens for this photo shoot because everything was close. But at home I was very satisfied with the pictures.

First picture with Cannon 75-300 zoom lens.

Day two, was just a dark and grey day, kind of the ones that make you want to sit by the fire place and read. I made it down to the river and found a group of geese with a few ducks around. Thinking this would be the perfect subject to zoom in on. First thoughts as I snapped pics from the car window is I am not getting as close as I imagined, but still doing ok. I decided to walk close and was able to get some great shots, but in user error did not pay attention to my setting plus being dark out was shooting with high ISO’s. Was able to get a few photos but could have done better. img_0088

Will need a sunny day to test again then I will decide if it will work for me. Of course I will keep it but may figure a different use for it.


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