Emergency Brake

20 plus years ago. Intoxicated? Yes! Why wouldn’t I want to drive through the patch of gravel on the side of the road? Stir up a trail of dust and slide the car around. Like we always do when we go down this road.

This time was different, we left the party taking the back roads home but it was not late at night it was the middle of the day. Hitting the gravel patch alongside the road I serve the car side to side to get the backend drifting a bit creating a nice dust cloud. To help create a little more excitement my friend decides to pull the E-brake.

instantly the car slides sideways and once the tires hit the pavement goes on two wheels and my friend slide into the driver seat with me. Miraculously we do not roll over but return to 4 wheels and keep on going. The crazy thing was as we skidded down the road on two wheels we passed the fire station and they were washing the fire truck. I wonder what they must have thought about seeing us slide on by.


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