Are you aware of that?

Are you aware? When you step outside do you know what is around you, or are you depending on your phone for answers. I really don’t know how much I pay attention to my surroundings these days, but I would say its above average. Usually I know how many cars are around me when driving and what I need to do if something happens. E brake is always an option. Some of this may have come from riding street bikes. You have to ride in a defensive position and never assume the cars around see you. But when I walk at night I scan the shadows and look for movement, maybe just an old habit but it helps to keep surprises at a minimum.

But if you choose to walk around blind it’s not a big deal, just remember you can use that phone to beat someone down before calling for help. That is if needed of course.

via Aware | The Daily Post


2 thoughts on “Are you aware of that?

  1. It’s scary how people have become so completely taken over by cell phones, carrying and using every second of every day. I appreciate your write up since we must be aware of our surroundings when outside and going place to place specifically. Accidents and attacks can happen. We can prepare ourselves, protect ourselves and our loved ones simply by being “aware” of where we are, who else is around us.

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