Shivering Bill’s Last Bath

It was a cold October day when Bill walked into Carl’s Billiard Bar and Hotel. Shivering from a cold day long ride. Walking to the bar he asked for a whiskey and ordered a room with a hot bath. As he slammed down his shot of whiskey he ordered another and another till the bottle was just left by the glass and he poured his own. Once the last drop was gone from the bottle he headed for the stairs.

Up in his room he could see that the cute maiden girl had filled the bath as he undressed with some anxiousness of relaxing in a bath that had not been able to do for at least a month. Just as he lowered himself in the tub he was felt with a tremendous anger as his hot bath water was only lukewarm. Politely he asked the maiden girl to get the owner of the place.

Once the owner arrived to the room Bill without a word shot him dead, then took aim on the maiden lady who was standing just behind the owner. As bill lowered the sites from the girl he told her ” well I guess you own a bar now, so the next time I ride through I will expect a hot bath”. Then bill twirled his pistol a bit almost in an effort to impress the girl and stopped with the butt of the pistol facing the girl. “You’re going to need this”. he offered the girl his Colt pistol.

The girl reached for the gun in Bill’s hand instantly cocking the hammer back she shot Bill in the between the eye’s and said. “I could have made your bath hotter you did not have to kill my husband”.

via Lukewarm | The Daily Post

I just woke up when I seen lukewarm was the daily prompt and this is what came to mind.


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