Between Season’s

Today it was like I crawled in the rabbit hole and never came out. The night before I made big plans to drive around and take pictures but upon awaking today I enjoyed laying in bed too much then I awoke and enjoyed the silence of the house as I had it all to myself. But as I made my way out of the basement I noticed the sun was shining brightly and felt I should be out enjoying this.

Then I headed back down to get the camera and my motivation dropped as I hit the bottom step. Turning on the TV I was lost in Netflix just enjoyed the day wasting away. Soon the kids were home from school and it was game on cooking and other activity’s as the day came to a close I noticed the sun still shining brightly on the tree out back and knew that I was missing the sunset.

Just a few minutes ago I had to get a few things from the store and noticed the night was crystal clear and the moon was large and bright though less than full and I instantly got the urge to just stay out all night and enjoy this great dark night. But then I would suffer in the morning hanging out with the twins so I just headed home.

I am proud that I got a piece of solitude that I enjoy so much but at the same time I am ready for the spring colors and life to return to the outdoor life. Then I will never spend a day in the house.


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