Shy Of A Bloom

I love the topic of bloom, currently in Michigan it is unusually warm and things are starting to pop out of the ground but still shy of a bloom. This is the grey area of life for me between the colorful fall and the excitement of winter to the dead of things and the wanting of spring where life outside recreates itself. Here is the current state of the Tulips in the yard.

For me these days the best bloom comes from the sunrise and leaves with the sunset. But soon things will be coming out in full and my camera shutter will be trying to get it all. And this picture represents the bloom I see this time of year.IMG_9779 2

Of course I will leave this with a few of my favorite blooms. All that have been previously posted in different post.  I myself enjoy taking pictures of nature.

via Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bloom – Dutch goes the Photo!

5 thoughts on “Shy Of A Bloom

  1. My tulips look the same as yours…I’m halfway between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis. I do have a couple of daffodils in a very sheltered location that will soon be open. THere is hope!

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