Not Nevada Rehab

If you want to know how my night was before I had to go to my appointment to start my counseling for court appointed rehab well you should read —- but I will say I found the perfect counselor to finish my year to please the courts.

I showed up for the first meeting hungover and did the same for every other meeting I had to attend except the last one. I was stone sober and the counselor asked me if I was feeling ok. Of course I said I was great this was the last one.

They had to know I can smell booze a mile away and they never suspected me or they did but did not care because I paid 100 dollars for each class. Those damn slips that you need to get signed saying that you attended your meetings could have told you who was at the Silver Dollar Saloon and in what order they came in.

With so much addiction in the state of Nevada, I never would have thought that I could have escaped so easy with finishing the counseling that was required. But when I first moved to Nevada Internet was just really getting started and I used the phone book to find a place. Skipping past all the big adds I found a number with a persons name and figured why not try this one seems like a good shot considering that there is no company name attached.

Even more risky as I look back at it was the small town I lived in everyone pretty much knows everyone. You know 1 stop light for 15 to 30 miles. I lived off what is considered the loneliest highway in America. And was out everyday acting a fool.



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