Shame Of Champion

One who give and does not take, seems like a champion to me. Play’s but does not win is still a champion. One who follows a path that sets them free of society’s standards and does not have to hurt anyone to get there seems like a champion. One who doesn’t need to have their phone glued to their face as they take up the whole aisle in the store clueless that other people are around I would give them a champion spot. People who become successful and bring that back to help and support others, yeah I would say champion.

Other than that I would say we are a bit confused on who the champions of today are. Focusing on a social status does not make you better than anyone. We seem to forgive what we think are champions for miss behaving yet we the people (the real non-champions) would get full punishment. To hurt a champion today you just have to take his sponsorship and money.

Not my champions. They may not be the best but they are to me.

via Champion | The Daily Post


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