Raising Tulips 2017 (still surprised)

So far so good on this years batch of tulips. All are a surprise is color shape and size. Amazing how fast they grow. from 1 last week to over a dozen and soon to quadruple. Should be a colorful year in the flower garden.

Figured I took so many tulip pictures last year that I would not be interested in taking any this year. I was wrong, they never come the same and as I look at them they always seem to call for a picture.

6 thoughts on “Raising Tulips 2017 (still surprised)

  1. Tulips are amazing flowers, so I fully understand that you keep taking photos of them! Me too, I thought I had enough from an intense tulip phase I had last year, but this year it’s the same. And yes, no one looks the same… Great post!

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