Psychotic Battle Of The Plague

This is my psychotic battle of the plague, well it was just strep throat but what’s the difference. Just go to urgent care and save yourself the trouble of below.

I knew it was bad, just had that feeling that it was going to get worse. I hoped that if I just crawled in bed and slept for a night I would be ok. And that is what I did. I never left that bed for 3 days and never felt any better but those three days were something to think about.

The flu set right in with the hot and cold spell, but it was my throat that hurt the most and kept swelling up to a point that it was hard to even drink water or take a pill. But I forced down nighttime medicine until it was gone and but kept drinking less and less water because of the pain in my throat. Then I remembered that I had some narco left from when I broke my leg.

It had been a few days since eating, and I did not want to take narco on an empty stomach. I figured I better at least try to get something in there, and for some reason I thought that a flour tortilla would do the job. First bite it stuck to my mouth (probably lack of water) and took a drink of water to try to loosen it up, working a little I tried the swallow. Gagging and choking now for it just restuck to the back of my throat I figured that today maybe the day that it all ends by a flour tortilla. That was not the case though finally loosening up enough and passing on through. Smaller bites I thought and it did help but not much. Ok Tortilla was down so now time to take the pill.

Pill taken head down and lights out. I was a little surprised but I could feel the pill kick in right away. Thinking to myself this is going to be good. It was like it moved it’s way through my body like a driving force taking out anything that resisted. First I felt it work around my nasal passage and instantly felt a relief and very soon after my teeth and gums were loosing pressure and not ache so much, after this it swarmed up to my headache and had a few words. It was feeling like the headache did not want to go and was fight ing back a bit but soon gave in and vanished back to wherever it likes to hide. Buy now the pill was going in full force and felt like it split in to two powers while moving down to ease the pain in my throat.

The throat felt as though hell decided to set up shop in there and now the pill turned into muscle and was looking to collect a dept. I walked into hell and told hell to leave but hell resisted and that did not make the pill happy so it grabbed hell and punched it out until I could finally lay in bed and be pain free.

Now the dreams (visions) kicked in and I was seeing a vast collections of spice racks, along with salt and pepper shakers dancing around the room. I even believe that the dinosaur from Toy Story showed up. Upon awaking first though was ” come on give me a better vision than that”. I mean i like to cook and all but spice racks are not my thing, matter of fact I don’t own on so was it trying to tell me to buy one? Wow did that pill dehydrate me. Trying to take a sip of water I notice even though I was not in pain my throat was still swollen so it was hard to drink.

Better just take another pill, get more sleep we are going to win this. Next pill gave me some crazy dreams that seemed to keep me thrashing around the bed, and even though my bedroom is pitch black I sensed that it was daylight all the time. This pill really dehydrated me though and it was like my teeth were sticking to the inside of my cheeks everything was dry and with just a tiny sip of water it felt as though my tongue was the only thing that came back to life. So I just continued to sip until it all felt alive again. Thought to myself I better start drinking more water and popped pill #3 going into my third day of this.

Pill three was a lot more calm but I was dehydrated and now it seemed to get worse. Mostly I believe it was the dream I had of me laying out in the desert with my skin so dry it was shriveling up on my bones, I could not close my mouth so my teeth were dry and hot from the sun. I was like being dead but you could still see out your skull, and all I could see was my skin was leaving me and the buzzard were coming to get me. There I was going to be the sand ending me, my bones would bleach out on the desert ground.

Once awaking I drank as much water as I could and headed to urgent care. Checked in and got some new prescriptions and about ten minutes after taking them my symptoms started to go away. Kind of felt like an idiot that I wasted so much time to go, but parts of it were interesting. But not interesting enough to repeat.

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