Left Empty

Holding center is not easy

But your mastery proved itself

Corners are dark

Stage was bright

As you entertained it right

You seldom slip

But showed progress

Entertained them all

With every song

In a way that others could gain

You left us sound

That will travel on

Rest  well

via Sound Off! dVerse Quadrille #33 | dVerse



10 thoughts on “Left Empty

  1. I read this is a couple of layers–that of a life no longer part of mine that stays with me like a resonating sound, and on a more tangible level, that things that happens after a concert and you hear the music in your core for hours, even days. Nice.

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  2. Oh my. I was smiling….”You left us sound that will travel on” and then read those last words and realized this is an epitaph….an obituary of sorts. If this is from a personal loss, your words come from the heart and my thoughts are with you as your words help you work through this time. If this is not a personal loss, then you’ve evoked those feelings strongly with your words…the signs of an excellent writer. For me….it wasn’t just a concert you were describing but the music that a loved one puts into our lives.

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