Moving Myself Along

It is strange how things work in the world. Good and bad at times all seem to blend together and making decisions at time seems tougher than it needs to be.

Again I find myself using WordPress to relieve stuck thoughts in my head. It was the reason that I started this page in the first place, while being stuck on the couch with a broken leg.

Now its a little different. Last week I was having the time of my life hanging out with a few friends that were in Detroit. Having so much fun that you never want it to end but after words twisted events have filled my brain. I met so many people and talked for days straight I sacrificed sleep to keep things rolling.

Yeah I am talking about the night of May 17th in Detroit, my friends just happen to be musicians and were in town to do a show. I for once in my life decided to take all kinds of pictures of the show. Usually I just enjoy the company of my friends, but why stay the same.

After the show tragedy stuck in the worst kind of forms and ironically I was close to it. This seems to have left a void in my head and often I ponder about it.

I am lucky to have the life that I have and appreciate everyday in it, but am saddened by events that I cannot control. Part of me wants to relive that night over and over and the other part of me never wants to deal with that again.

My pictures of the night only remind me of sadness as my brain relives the moments. But my camera has sat on the desk since. My thoughts go out to everyone that was involved in that night and I hope that under the circumstances positive thing continue to roll.


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