Night Behind

When I left I thought you all left. When I got to the hotel I knew I was on my own. It was early so I decided I would gamble a little bit. As I exited the elevator the next elevator opened and security guards got out.

They seemed mad. Looking to kick some ass. One yell where is he at, and down the hall a unafraid voice answered over here.

I thought it was strange but in a casino nothing is strange. People lose money and emotions can change. I entered my room and the ambulance came. I grab me cash and as I left the room I seen the stretcher near. Again it was in a casino so I figured elderly, probably hooked to air. To the lobby I went as the police hit the floor.

Never put two and two together for I thought you were traveling on. How would I know that we shared the floor. A few drinks a few spins and I knew it was a lost cause. Heading to the room the stretcher was still there. I knew it could not be good just did not know it was you.

Figured I needed sleep for it had been a few days but as I drifted off I soon was awoke with news that you were gone. How could it be it must be wrong but when I checked the new. It was true that I found.

Ugly was the shock, on what I had found, I had just seen you around a few hours ago. Then it was strange what could have gone wrong. Then I found out it was you just a few rooms down.

Left with questions that will linger on, have many friends with thoughts we can’t understand. Moving to the winds I hope you travel on. May spirits guide you to the life beyond. Your voice will ring out for years to come.



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