Set to sail

I dashed for the docks looking for any kind of a fast motor craft. Yet only sailboats were in the slips. Can’t stop now I thought to myself as I noticed for the first time today there was an swift breeze twirling around.

I untied the bow line and gave a push off from the dock as I hopped aboard. Fumbled my way though some of the knots and tugged the ropes though the riggings. A sail puffed up and I drifted out. The direction I go only the wind know.

I went below deck hopping to find a snack and scampered though the galley and aft of the vessel. Only to realize I was not alone. A passenger laid in the bed with the symptoms of a night of hard living. This is something that I will have to deal with later as I headed back on deck.

Finding some fishing gear I set up a pole and tossed out a line. Figured at best maybe I could pluck a fish out of the sea.


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