Will This Continue On

The thoughts, the madness and the reality all settle into one place. Will this continue? Hard to say these day with a strange focus that has come over me to make money.

Situations aligned and the door opened for being able to increase the income but at a price. Long days and lots of them back to back. Even to the point where you don’t know if you are coming or going.

Yes the checks are nice but I am slipping away with neglect to the things that I enjoy. Yard overgrown and dry, garden full of weeds, cameras sit still with dead batteries, cars on jacks waiting for parts to be replaced, blog entry’s not being written.

The little time I do have at home I force myself to stay awake enough to play with the kids but I usually fad fast and fall asleep for a few hours only to leave and start over. Thinking I have made my own Groundhog Day movie.

So will this continue? No! For sure not, I will return to my couple days a week working schedule and fix the things that need fixing but instead of tending to the yard I maybe just shoveling the snow. Cameras will again be clicking and post will be posting. Thoughts will be thinking and the bankroll will be gone, but I will continue on.

Life is good


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