Horizon | The Daily Post

Brain Wide Open

Brain is empty with no horizon in sight. Can peacefulness be a sign of emptiness or is it just a floating feeling in my own being.

I emptied my head but I refuse to go to bed. No plans to settle down until I become one with the ground. But is a long ways off and suffering is a must, with no horizon in sight.

Might as well pour another one to lash back at the echo’s that left me with no pen to write. It’s just time plain and simple. But looks better with the horizon sitting in the middle

via Horizon | The Daily Post

Simple Thoughts of Hope

First sight of land gave the first bit of hope that I may still live with two feet off this boat. Stand up and shout but you will never get out. Just lost looking for horizons.

Still Around

Just thoughts that stand out trying to get back to a constant post. Been way too busy to sit and think about what to write.

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