Smile Hatred

Your smile shines but your eyes do tell that the smile on your face is an upside down. Miserable inside you judge us all, but wear that smile so we will frown. You eyes burn cold and the glare does tell. It’s lies you live for greed most of all. Sell us out, Burn us down, send us away so you can wear your frown. Then your eyes would match your face and we would be underground.

As I was driving to Detroit this came out in my head. Of course it has changed many time since then but still is similar to what I first started out with. Last night was very creative night for me @ the Mirrors For Psychic Warfare show in Pontiac, MI. Of course I forgot my camera (something I never do when traveling farther than the neighborhood). I also realized that I had a lot of idea’s rattling around inside my head and had no way to get them written down. They all seemed fitting at the time but when I try to recapture them I lose the thoughts or they do not sound the same as when I started.

Yes, my thoughts these days have been a bit on the darker side but I believe it come from a combination of winter month and tragic moments that repeat themselves in my head. Even though they are done they still whirl around creating dark storms that I rarely write down.

For the people who read the darker stuff that I write please don’t be fooled by the words my life is good and I live mostly in the positive side of things. But with everything in life I look to view and feel all area’s. I believe it keeps me focused and sets me out to find new adventure good and bad. And as above I to sometimes smile my hatred, but I believe we all do. Kinda been instilled in us overtime. But as I do this I try to leave my shoes and go to that place that I think is wrong. Find the truth and try again, usually the outcome has changed around.

As far as the picture goes it came from Art Prize 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI. I believe it represents a lot and I also believe it is wrong. But it makes me think how twisted things are out there. I hope that it helps people see how wrong things are and force the change. Also this same artist had a few more painting that stress the wrongs of the world in an almost comic way (giving insult to injury). I give a lot of respect to this kind of work as through Art we can release creativity that can cause change in the most non violent ways.

With all that being said I just want people to understand that even in their best intentions they maybe just as much the problem as the problem solver. As we do good we may do wrong. Nothings perfect, especially if were thinking that it is.

Simple thought all opinions.


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