Time To Reflect

I don’t write enough. I know this. But in the last year my time has been limited so I have not been getting the time needed to put words together. I alway take pictures even if not as often as I like I still get a few a week.

So it seems I have turned to just being a photo blog for now and in so I see it harder to keep up the attraction. People like words with their pictures as do I. I also have been paying attention to a few band photographers and notice that the good ones not only take the pics but capture the vibes in the room at the same time. I often wonder if I could do both as sometimes I don’t like taking pictures at show because I feel like I miss the show. Live and learn right?

So as we are starting to end summer and go into the dark months of winter I wonder if I will have time to try and write a little more with my post. Only time will tell. I have post scheduled out for at least a year and that seem to help free up my time to keep up with current challenges and so on. I would also like to be able to sit and read more post and thinking if we get an abundance of snow I will be able to. But you never know bad weather can increase my overtime at work.

In the end I think Im just letting you know where I am in the world and I enjoy looking at your blogs. I love the ones that show me what is out there in the world as much as I love seeing pics from the places I have been (thinking to myself I wish I would have taken that pic from that angle).

No matter what you guys keep me thinking about new things to do and new pictures to take. Makes me know that I have to upgrade a few things in my life to have a bit more time to post, by the means of easier to do. These days its tough to find everything I need.

Three things I am thinking about getting is 1. Phone (new phone take great pics and well Uber keeps me from hitchhiking) 2. Computer mine is getting dated and like to share with my daughter. 3. Camera don’t need but have been really thinking about going to the top with camera and lenses.

One thought on “Time To Reflect

  1. Ron
    Remember that we all change and our blogs and blog posts will too – it is healthy and dynamic
    And your current pondering is good but (I know you know this) stay true to who you are and where you are – it will
    Keep your blog fresh with your “ness” and not saying you are comparing – it watch how that creeps in – don’t assess activity on someone else’s blog and don’t look back to your pay years – you are new now-
    And if you want to write – do it for you and do it if it makes your posting experience better – don’t do it for views – or hits – we have enough chatty blogs with bells and whatnot – my favorite blogs are the ones that have originality and that grow –
    Maybe evolve
    Oh and side note – sometimes in my experience I have seen the all
    Photo blog posts do better – interesting you noted the writing –

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