Using On1

IMG_6073 copy 2What can I say, I was about to plunge in and purchase the full-blown photo shop but seen this On1 and decided to check it out. Then of course they had a holiday sale and I bought it. Hard to pass up a deal.

With that being said I have been revisiting my photo’s and seeing what I can do with On1. So far I am very impressed with the feature that I have been messing around with. And I have not even broke into any tutorials that come with the app. Basically saying that some things I have not figured out how to do, but it don’t mean On1 does not have the ability to do it.

Reasons I stay away from photo shop you ask? Well, I don’t make money off my pics so buying photo shop seems a little out of budget for me. Plus if I have to go down that road I usually can get away with using Gimp. On1 has added a whole new level of creativity to what I am able to do. As before On1 I was just using the software on the computer and it seemed more like tricking the photo into what you wanted (unless you were making just simple adjustments).

On1 I feel has taken me to a new level of processing my pictures and has opened the door for going farther with what I do with my photos. Examples being making my photos more like art then just pictures. Makes me think about printing on different materials and using those as home decor in my house. More as art than just a pic that I took.IMG_5473 copy

Will I upgrade in the future? Possibly, I like to leave all options open and it depends where I go with what I still consider a hobby. But I often toy at the though of going just a little bit farther with it. But don’t want to make a job out of doing what I enjoy.

At this point though I believe I will be spending on lenses and new camera, possibly upgrade computer before I make anymore photo processing purchases.

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