Colorful Monotone Causing Madness

I truly became my worst critic when looking for monotone pictures in my photo library. One that I have never attempted to organize so it was a little time consuming to find single color photo’s. First attempts got Swiss Cheese and Ice.

Then I looked into the top of the cactus, yet argued in my head that maybe, possibly there was too many tones in this pic to work. At this point I checked out other post and figured I was in the right.april 036

Next I scrolled through concerts. Often the lighting leaves you with one color. Usually never your choice but it’s what you get at the time the pic is taken.

Then I ran across the corn, this was it. Yet I still found myself in the second guessing stage of was this picture worthy. I felt it was and have made a mental note to add a little Monotone into this years picture taking. Alway’s appreciate Cee’s challenges to make me think outside the normal way I look at photography it has helped me a lot over the recent years and looking forward to another.Thaitrip2 (835)

via Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Colorful Monotones (one single color) – Cee’s Photography

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