It doesn’t really sink in until you get off the plane and are greeted by family members who seem like strangers that you spent to much time away. That was my feeling as I returned to Thailand 10 years later.

Why so long? Could be for any reason. Money, kids, injuries, other trips and possibly just letting time slip by.

The Good, well the weather it was like I never seen before, warm. Even cold at times. never experienced winter in Thailand until now mosquitoes were even not as bad. I guess that why its the tourist season.

Seeing family, meeting new family and friend always is a great time.  Visiting properties, and exploring new areas. This trip covered a lot of Thailand from north to south, east to west.

Having time helped. Originally I was thinking that a month would be too long but now I believe that I could have stayed another month. Becoming friends with the driver of the van we rented defiantly made it easy to travel.

The food! The food. Oh how I did not realize how much I miss Thai food. I ate everything that was put in front of me and loved it all. Usually if I seen tourist in a restaurant I kept going until I only seem Thai people eating so I know I was not getting it cooked down.

The Bad,¬†really nothing was bad but in ten years I could have brushed up on my Thai language a bit. Would have made it a little easier for me to understand what was happening or help plan in what we do next. I can’t complain though as most of my family can speak english. I just like to be independent a not rely on anyone to talk for me.

Did not pack enough gifts, only brought stuff for people I already knew but did not have extra for the people that I met. Meaning I gave away my hat, shirt, and other items that I was proud to own. But when you meet someone good you want them to remember.

The Ugly, packed too much cloths. Soon after a few day of digging through my suitcase I realized it would have been easier if I brought less cloths. Cloths are cheap in Thailand so you can buy any time.


Had all the kids with me on this trip so every few days I broke my personal rule of not eating at anyplace that I could get in America and took the kids to dinner.

I myself at times was the ugly because often felt like plans did not go as we thought but always turned out great, minus extra expenses and so on. Not taking the time to get the international drivers license and having the Thai police explain why Im paying money. My driving was ugly all by itself. First time with steering wheel on the other side of the road and driving on the wrong side.


Truth is the end is that there was no bad or ugly, just fun and adventure. Defiantly will not take ten years to return.

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