Going Gong

If you truly love coffee, Go Gong! Once travel returns take a trip to Kra Buri, Ranong, Thailand. It’s the only region that coffee can grow in Thailand and with that is a company that has devoted it’s life to roasting the best coffee.

Unbelievable how much difference there is in the flavors of coffee and how fresh it can taste. The aromas of freshly roasted coffee is incredible. If you really want to learn coffee stay the night in a bungaloo. There is a restaurant and everything on site. Everyone on site has knowledge about coffee production from growing, harvesting, roasting and distribution.

Next time that I am in Thailand I will return and believe me I will pack home a lot more coffee with me. As I sit here typing this I am finishing my last cup of Gong Coffee. A wonderful experience in the world of coffee. But, a sad day for me.


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