Deep In the Red-Sequoia Grove

have a few memories of this winery. For starters I remember it being fall in Napa Valley and Sequoia Grove winery welcomed us in as if we were members. Let ups picnic in the court yard and I myself enjoyed some for the best wine that I ever tasted at that time. The Big sequoia tree out front with the big dog that laid in front of the door with out a care in the world. Also remember that the persimmons were ripe and we plucked the tree dry as far as we could reach. More proof that we were very welcome here.

First impressions to me bring back all the earlier memories of my time at the winery. The bottle I have in front of me is a Cabernet Sauvignon 2018. Produced and bottled in Rutherford, California.

Now at least ten years later I found a bottle from the Sequoia Grove winery at our local Total wine store. I found myself having to purchase a bottle and later returned to gain two more. Now I sit with computer in front of me writing about this bottle before I uncork it.

Now remember I’m just a wine drinker, not really good at describing it like a pro.

As I uncork this I could smell what I would consider that perfect Cabernet smell. to the point where I start to salivate with anticipation of what will be an enjoyable bottle. Of course I let it breath of at least 5 minutes before I poured the first taste.

Upon the first swirls in the glass leaving a nice clear coating on the glass. A sign to me that again I will enjoy this. Upon first taste I felt it matched perfectly with the review from total wine. I have included that review at the bottom of the page. I myself would have loved to paired this with a nice beef roast. But for tonight I paired it with a garlic summer sausage and some ripened French cheese on a deep fried flour tortilla as a cracker.

As stated for the Total Wine Page – The Tasting Panel-Napa Valley, California – “”Rich nose of plum and spice; a velvety texture; and intense flavors of ripe plum, blueberry, licorice, and chocolate. Stylish, with a lasting finish.”” I must add to this is a very high end wind with a low end cost.

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