Markham 2017 – The Altruist

Nice cold day figured it was about time to cook a good old pot roast in the Dutch oven also gave me an excuse to use a dark red to match the rainy, sometime snowing day with golden leaves dropping from the tree

Upon first sip I taste a rich fruity taste filled with a velvety deep dark tang. But who know how close I am.

Total Wine describes it as this: Napa Valley, California – This “”right bank”” Bordeaux style red blend allows the velvety Merlot flavors to shine. With 15 months of French & American oak aging, the opulent notes of cherry and plum jam are layered with aromas of cola, vanilla, and toast.

Since I added some of the wine to my pot roast. It was a little hard to wait for the slow cooking meal to be ready and not drink all the wine. Maybe it would be worth buying two or more bottles of this worth it especially if you will be having dinner guest.

Wine and food paired perfectly a true treat for this cold day.

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