Advisor of void

The only time I know what I am doing is when I am broke. I feel the bottom is just as entertaining as the top.

Sometimes my brain wonders and I try to get what I am thinking out, but these thoughts may seem strange to most so I am using WordPress to try and capture what I am thinking. Or maybe I am just thinking too much. Whatever it might just be the cheap beer that keeps me thinking. And well that probably will always be the same.

Every time I leave the house life becomes an adventure.

So they say that you should have goals for your blog, as of now mine are:

  • Have Fun
  • Be myself
  • Encourage Creativity
  • Build Writing Skills
  • Entertain those who visit

As this blog progresses I would like to create a space though art and words that people can come visit and find that urge to relax and enjoy. If you had a few bad moment and need a place to be uplifted I would hope that this blog could help. I have an amazing wild life that is kind of in retirement for I focus on helping my kids discover and create themselves, but even that seems to be a wild ride.

Currently I plan to write three blogs a week one or more blogs a day until I don’t feel I can keep up then I will go back to the plan of three blogs a week. Even though I feel that I can handle more I do not want to be consumed with this. So my three blogs will consist of:

  • The Daily Post
  • Weekly Photo Challenge
  • And something from my own brain. (even if it stays in draft). Some day I will clean my draft file but I usually end up posting them or creating new idea off old ones. Some times I wish I had someone finish some of these stories for me.

Everyone on WordPress has helped open my brain to a new world to be creative in. I hope I can attract others to join in expressing themselves on WordPress.


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