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Wow I have done what I don’t do often and worked overtime. I am not against overtime it’s just that so many people seem to want it that I would rather let them do it. I no one volunteers for it then I show up. Kind of like the last resort. With all this being said it’s another combo of daily post but I feel it is worth it.

There it was that large sum of money directly deposited into my bank account as I could feel the words “OH SH*T” come to mind finally I have some extra cash. Now I can sneak out and buy the kids some toy’s and treats. Maybe even pick up a few things for the wifey.

I slip out of the house and head to the bank to withdrawal this extra cash from the account. As I leave the band I figure I better stop and Fred’s you know just to say hello Possibly have a beer. Would you know it happy hour just started and a good game of ghetto keno was about to start. Of course I pick 80 because it always hits as I toss a five spot in the pot and order a round of drink for my friends and a few lingering souls waiting for chump’s to buy free drinks.

would you know it 10 draws later and 80 never came up. I think to myself well damn I better get going need to shop. At this point my budget is lower so maybe I can’t buy the wife  a gift. Just as I am leaving a friend spots me and said he is going down to the Casino to play for an hour and asks if I would like to join. Of course I said I am on a tight schedule but what another hour when I can double me take and buy more things for the family.

Well the casino did not work out as planned I swear I am getting worse at counting cards and it cost me a lot to practice the skills. I will be damned that you have to pay for your own drinks in these places. That’s when I noticed that my pockets were empty. No problem I think we better go and as we left the joint it was getting dark outside.

As I am dropped off to pick up my car I think to myself well hell I could pawn a few things and still get some gifts. I hawk the watch and a few CD’s that I had laying in the car. feeling a little depressed about losing the watch that was a gift from my wife I stop at a party store to buy a tall can before going home with no gift for anyone.

At home the family was in a good mood playing around the yard. My wife asked if I would trim up her hair with the clipper. As I was getting ready to start I realized that maybe I had too much to drink but figured this would be easy. Just as I started someone texted me that 80 had hit 10 times in a row. Man I though if only I was in that game I would have stacks of cash right now. Then I looked down and my hand was hold a long lock of hair that matched the same long hair on the back of my wifes head.

This is how I ended up on this slow boat to China. Wondering if I could do it over again what would I change. Years ago the psychics  told me I would be on a adventure that would be because of greed and emptiness. I guess the Prophecy were correct.

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