Thinking Walking Dead

Had to do a few things this morning and figured since I was out better stop at Costco not even to stock up on stuff but they have these cheap cam light replacements and seem to be doing great in the basement so I figured I would pick up four more.

As I sat in my car towards the back of the lot (never park close because I love to walk) I looked out and it seemed like the Walking Dead was outside. Everyone was making their way to the entrance from all directions and since there was about 10 more minutes till doors open they hovered at the entrance like the smell of fresh meat was inside. No big deal just thought it was funny.

I could even imagine the Costco staff behind the door armed with weapons trying to protect themselves. I guess I am ready for the next season to start, as I am sure everyone is.

By no means is this a slam on Costco or anyone else. It’s just my morning observation through abstract eye’s. I myself love Costco and even though they were out of the replacement lights I was still able to give the company 100 of my hard earned dollars by buying some cool stuff that I did not need. Now I have to hide them around the house and act like we had it for a while. Sometimes I think they should sell allergic free dust to help with disguising things.


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