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You mean follow directions? No maybe it’s just knowing what you’re doing and understanding how things will happen. Or could it be understanding the consequences of your action. No it’s probably not that either but I wish people could understand consequences from their actions and live up to them.

I myself will be the first to admit I was guilty of whatever took place. But I always enjoy listening to the person who say’s “The Cops framed me or set me up”. Or is it they just did their job. Anyways I maybe going the wrong way with this.

Understanding is huge I love when I first start training on a new piece of equipment and how the feeling of being overwhelmed clogs your brain and you think how in the heck will I remember all of this. Then after time and paying attention things start to click and you start getting comfortable with even start running it by yourself. But then you miss a step and create a huge mess that is a little embarrassing but in reality you are taking mental notes and probably will never happen again that way plus you realize the importance of the process and slow your role just a bit to make sure it is successful every time.

Knowledge is King and learning is key. Understanding is comfort that helps you sleep at night. Or it can be that moment that wakes you in the middle of the night wondering if you  did everything right. It could also be waking up to the realization that how things work.

Thinking back I studied a certain type of laser and to this day I don’t really understand lasers yet I probably could hold my own in conversation about them. But my brain really had no interest in lasers other than playing with them. Understanding because you have to  is not as fun as understanding because you want to.

In the end for me I love to learn new things it makes the working days fly right by and give you the power to move from position to positions. Life is good.

via Understanding | The Daily Post

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