Better Times Left Behind

Had to combine these two. Abandoned and Devastation just seemed to similar to come up with separate post. Of course the photo’s really only reflect abandoned, but devastation could have been the root cause for building or vehicles left behind. Devastation itself comes in many different forms Including the loss of trust, death, economy, war and of course mother nature. Devastation often creates the decisions to abandon things and move on. Seemingly a dark subject I felt my photos needed to be in black and white.

via Tuesday Photo Challenge – Abandoned – Dutch goes the Photo!


10 thoughts on “Better Times Left Behind

  1. What hauntingly beautiful shots. I think the black and white was a good call. It definitely adds to the emotion the viewer would feel seeing these. May I ask where this was? It always saddens me to think that such places used to be bustling where people lived and loved.

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    1. I took these today in Grand Rapids, MI. Grand Rapids is growing so the old buildings are getting harder to find, if I had time I would have gone to Detroit for my abandoned pictures. Thanks for enjoying and following my site.


  2. I always love finding abandon buildings. There seems to be a lost beauty there. It could be for the loss of the day it was in its glory or the photographer who musters up some life in the subject. Great job.

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